Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Guide to His Music

Many listners know Feliciano like a great performer of songs written by others, effectly Jose is also this and for a period of his career many critics was considerated him like one of the best performer of the Beatles, BeeGees, Dylan and many others included Doors, Stones, Paxton and Bacharach, the only capable to rewrite completely these songs, many times better than the originals in a new mix of soul, guitar and voice in a unique style, the first to add south americans rythms and instruments: You can hear any song of these composers performed by Jose and understand what I say... But He not is only a performer or a latin artist, is more a great musician (can play 30 instruments) and also a great composer. Is hard to decide what songs are most representative of an incredible artist like Jose Feliciano then in more of forty years of career has recorded many differents tyoes of music, from classic to rock, from jazz to latin, from typical pop to R. & B. in five differents languages and together of the most disparate music icones, from the Vienna Simphony Orchestra to John Lennon. Anyway in this section there are Jose compositions with titles of his songs and instrumentals: yes instrumentals, because Jose is now considerated by many critics the most great living guitarist in the world, the only can be play all type of genres on the same high level, from Segovia to Jimi Hendrix ever with his unique style: three guitar exaples? His "Malaguena" (classic), Purple Haze (hard rock), Norvegian Wood (jazz) and Hey Jude (rock) Anyway in my opinion if I must to advice to a new listner three his typical compositions I say: "Rain", "Once There Was A Love" and "Destiny" (but I consider the same incomparables "The Gipsy", "Compartments" and "Angela") and like intrumentals: "Pegao", "La Entrada de Bilbao" and "Affirmation" (advice the original and never released on cd 1975 version). Another hard question today is find these songs, Jose has today a terrible records situation, many many labels have released an incredible number of compilations, many times with the sames songs and titles of others and sometimes without permission, certainly not help the really bad support of BMG/RCA which owner of the originals LP of 60s and 70s and NEVER released on cd entirely like the originals LP and this in a great hungry of these by fans and music lovers; all this can't be than an great help for little labels then have dirty the market and Jose'e career. At the end, a little note: this guide (and almost this Web site) can be considerated in support for the international-english side of Jose, because Jose has also a more "latin side" which includes his early bolero and his lasts album of these years, certainly all these records are good and have a great success for latin listners but are, in my opinion, only a very little side of his arts and genius. I have all his records and I listen all indifferently, but is correct say then sometime not latins listners then find a modern son of his internationals olds records "Feliciano!", "10to23", "Fireworks" and "For My Love" in the recents and awarded cd "Americano", "SeƱor Bolero" and "Tu Inmenso Amor" can be little bit surpise. If You find a modern son, I advice absolutely to see a his live concert. We know this is the law of the market...and We ever hope then Polygram can give the well support in future also to his english albums, but Jose is ever Jose anyway, anytime anywhere!

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