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Description by seller: This is the first DVD ever released by José Feliciano! Recorded in High Definition at the New Morning Club Paris in August 2008, it was a thrill for the audience to welcome 6 time Grammy Award, Guitar & Singer great José Feliciano, backed by his superb 5 piece band. Throughout this compelling performance, combining effortlessly flamenco, bossa nova, pop and jazz influences with blues and rock lead guitar inflections, José delighted his fans with stunning interpretations of all times hits such as Purple Haze, Sunshine of Your Love and Rain. As today's uncontested No.1 Latin international crossover star, Feliciano has turned these standards, among many others, into jewels of musical groove so irresistible that it is almost impossible to separate them from the original versions. As José puts it : "If you can't interpret a song better than the original, don't do it".

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En Vivo en PuertoRico

2009 Dvd + audio CD

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Jose live in Puertorico, recorded in 2008 with spanish songs



Rca--Sony Mexico

Old Video recordings from Us and Latin television in mid-late60s when Jose was a big star like a spanish bolero singer in latin American audience, also include other performances in english like Light my fire and California dreamin. Package also included a Cd audio with boleros from 60s

 Ayer Hoy y Siempre

2003 Dvd + audio CD

Contain Dvd + CD snf is sure a great Package for Jose Feliciano, not easy found an item like this for hm from many years and hard to understand why so many labels, record companies don't give to a genius like Jose a decent budget
- The DVD is a traslation part of a great concert of Jose in Chile in 1985 where he sing and play guitar at his best in some spanish hits at that time, lucky are also included three great perfoamaces in english, the world hit Light My Fire plus the never recorded "Start Me Up" and" Twist and Sout": and my opinion these english songs are the best of the DVD and again I hope record comany decided soon to recorcrd again Jose in english and give him a right Dvd tribute ofr this forget side of him: in fact this "Ayer Hoy Y Siempre" can be considerated a great tribute for his latin side; images are from 1985 are good but not at the digital level of recents concerts of other artists
- The Cd is the re-print of two great Motown spanish album of 1982 and 1983, "Escanas de Amor" (a great hit in latin America and Spain at that time which also include a great guitar duet with Carlos Santana and other varoius spanish songs from the "Concierto de Aranjuez" to "Evil Ways" (malas Costumbres)) and the other Lp was Me Enamore, a great hit album, Grammy Winner in 1983 which contains perhaps the bests spanish songs recorded by Jose, from Ay Carino to The Sound of Silence and a incredible guitar tracks in Paul Simon's "El Cindor Pasa".

 Guitarra Mia

Tribute To Jose Feliciano

2000 vhs/dvd

 Finally a tribute to Jose, is in great part for his latin side with many stars then sings his hits in a new way. Some of these are very interessants and Jose sings & plays too. Notables are "Guitarra Mia" with Marc Anthony and "Un Ciego no Vive en la Oscuridad". This video version is better than the cd then anyway is a great production, nice (and only way) to see sides of Jose life and career, gems are his '68 "Star Spangled Banner", "Light My Fire" and other oldies. Thank You Banco Popular!

Jose Feliciano - A Legend In Concert

1999 vhs

Good Concert recorded in 1999 in NY for PBS TV, released also on cd is now a opprtunity for hear and see Jose live. Songs are "Chico and The Man", "Como Fue", "Dance With Me", Porque Te Temgo Que Olvidar", "Bamboleo", "Last Time", "Jealous Guy", "Thrill Is Gone", "Rain", "No Me Mires Asi", "You Send Me", "Claifornia Dreamin", "Light My Fire". Unfortunately Jose voice isn0t at his best but guitar is ever unique, anyway the package is a great item to buy for see the great instrumental of "Dance With Me", of "Bamboleo" and the great version of "Thrill Is Gone"

Jose Feliciano Live 1988

1988 laserdisc

Concert recorded in Germany 1988 at time of the Austrian Hit "Sound Of Vienna"

Absolutely The BEST Jose Felciiano concert ever recorded, unfortunately not supported by a great label, now there's a audio CD of great quality easy to find in
Purely Music1982 Defilm laserdiscThis laserdisc was released in Europe and show Jose in a live performace
Other Artists VideoYearPart

Happy Holiday (Barry Manilow)


Jose appears in this show for cbs in 2004 like guest, in hio Feliz Navidad and in a nice duet with Barry in "Rudolph the Red NosedReindeer) here the video

Live In Atlantis (Gloria Estefan)


Concert shot at the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas, featuring Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz and Jose Feliciano.

One Night Only! (Ricky Martin)

1999 vhs/dvd

Special Guest with Carlos Santana for this concert of Ricky Martin recorded in NY

Motown 25th

 1983 vhs

Jose was part of the great cast celebrating the 25 years of Motown. He sing "Lonely Teradrops"
MOVIE TitleYearPart

Chasing Papi


Singer (Romeo)

Moulin Rouge


Singer (Roxanne)

 Under Suspicious


Singer (Light My Fire - Rap vers.)

Knock Out


Singer (With All My Heart)

Con La Musica Dentro


  The Forbidden Dance1990Singer (Forbidden dance)
La Bamba Party1987Actor
 Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1978Actor
Salsa [doc]1976Actor
Aaron Loves Angela1975Composer/Singer/Actor  
MacKenna's Gold1969Singer (Old Turkey Buzzard)

 Queen of Swords


 Singer theme (Behind The Mask)

Jolly Joker


Singer (Solitary Lady)

Mc Millan & His Wife


Originally aired Nov 10,1974 - 2 Hours

Chico & The Man



S.2 - 041 - Chico's Cousin Pepe 
Chico's blind cousin attempts to steal Chico's girlfriend away from him. Guest Stars: Jose Feliciano

 Kung Fu

8 Feb. 1975

Actor (on episode 52 "Battle Himn")

Lucas Tanner



Feliciano: Very Special NBC


 Actor / Singer